Yildiz Single Shot Break-Open Shotgun in.410 caliber


A folding blued barrel is featured on the Yildiz.410 Single Shot Break-Open Shotgun. This centerfire shotgun has a walnut stock and a break-open action.
Features and Advantages
Stock made from walnuts

Manual protection
Breakthrough intervention
Specifications for a blued barrel
3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts
Ambidextrous is a term used to describe someone who is ambidextrous in both hands.
Break Pistol is an action that you can take. Hunting ammo is the most common type of ammunition.
Blued metal finish
4.1E-1 gauge/bore
3.3 pound product weight
Yes, assembly is needed.
1 cylindrical potential
Duration of the product (in.): 44
Yes, assembly is needed.
Length of barrel (in.): 28
What’s Included in the Box
Owner’s guide

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