Pump-Action Shotgun Benelli SuperNova 12 Gauge


The Benelli SuperNova 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun comes with a Realtree® Max-5TM camo pattern and a modular silicone buttstock that can be reconfigured with the included ratchet wrench. The shotgun comes with a red-bar front sight and a metal bead midsight, as well as a styled trigger guard with plenty of room for a gloved hand.
Features and Advantages
4+1 magazine size with pump action

Realtree® Max-4TM camo pattern on synthetic stock
The included ratchet wrench can be used to reconfigure the modular buttstock.
Adjust the drop and cast with the included shim kit.
The trigger guard is designed to accommodate a gloved hand.
A large safety button is present.
Front sight with a red bar; metal bead in the center.

Detailed specifications
Length of barrel (in.): 28

Pump it up.
Cylinder capacity: 4+1 Gauge/bore: 12
Red bar in the foreground
Pump-action form
8 pound product weight
Realtree® Max-4TM metal finish
49.5 Pistol Pistol Pistol Pistol Pistol Pistol Pistol Pisto Hunting ammo is the most common type of ammunition.
2.25E+0 in. drop at heel
What’s Included in the Box
Choke tubes IC, M, and F
Wrench with ratchet
Shim pack for Benelli SuperNova 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun


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