12 Gauge Break-Open Shotgun Browning BT-99


The Browning BT-99 Conventional 12 Gauge Break-Open Shotgun features an all-steel construction, a 34-inch vent-rib, back-bored barrel, and a gold-plated trigger. A trap recoil pad is included with the walnut stock. Twin ivory bead sights, a F Invector-Plus Flush choke, and a manual safety are also included. Chamber with chrome plating.
Features and Advantages
Components are made entirely of steel and have a blued finish.

Grade with cut-checkers I have a walnut stock with a recoil pad that traps the recoil.
Break-open action with a 1-shot capacity and a back/bored 34-inch vent-rib barrel
Manual protection

An F Invector-Plus Flush choke is included, as well as a gold-plated trigger and twin ivory bead sights.

Chamber with chrome plating
Detailed specifications
Breaking Action:
Blued metal with a satin finish
Product weight: 8.31 pounds Gauge/bore: 12
1.438E+0 drop at comb (in.)
Pull length (in.): 1.4375E+1
34 in. barrel length
1.625E+0 (in.) heel drop
Bolt, lever, and single-shot
Product length (in.): 51 cylinder capacity: 1 cylinder capacity: 1 cylinder capacity: 1 cylinder capacity: 1 cylinder capacity: 1 cylinder
Ivory bead in the foreground
2.75E+0 in. chamber duration
F Invector-Plus Flush Choke What’s in the Box

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