Steel Shotshells 28 Gauge HEVI-Shot Duck HEVI-Shot Duck HEVI-Shot Duck HEVI-Shot Duck


The HEVI-Shot Duck 28 Gauge Steel Shotshells are built for hunting small, fast-flying birds, with high speeds and a light payload. They come in a 10-round box and can be used for close-range or long-range shooting. Made in the United States of America.
Features and Advantages
3/4 oz. shot

a speed of 1,300 feet per second

28 gauge steel

About 2-3/4 inches long

High-density steel construction

Long-distance shots

Each box contains ten rounds.

Made in the United States of America

Mallards, widgeon, woodies, teal, and other small-bodied, fast-flying birds are among the species targeted.

Detailed specifications

28 gauge/bore

a total of 10 rounds

3/4 ounce shot

2-3/4 in. shell length

Scale of shot: 4

What’s Included in the Box

Steel Shoe HEVI-Shot Duck 28 Gauge

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