12 Gauge Steel Shotshells HEVI-Shot Goose


With the HEVI-Shot Goose 12 Gauge Steel Shotshells, you can get a good shot from afar. These shotshells, which are powerful even at 60 yards, enable hunters to take long, downrange shots on large waterfowl like geese and tundra swans. Box of ten rounds Made in the United States of America.
Features and Advantages
Shell thickness is 3 inches.

Crimp that can withstand the elements

a half-ounce shot

Made in the United States of America

The speed is 1,350 feet per second.

At 60 yards, it’s successful.

Large waterfowl, such as geese and tundra swans, are targeted for hunting.

Each box contains ten rounds.

At 40 yards, the pattern is nearly 90%.

12 gauge steel

Detailed specifications

12 gauge/bore

a total of 10 rounds

3 in. shell length

Scale of shot: 4

1 1/2 ounce shot

What’s Included in the Box

Goose HEVI-Shot 12

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