12 Gauge Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Shotshells


With the Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS 12 Gauge Shotshells, you’ll be primed for hunting season. The FLITECONTROL Flex® wad performs well across ported and regular turkey chokes for tight, predictable patterns, and the high pellet count provides improved density for cleaner penetration.
Features and Advantages
The full-length wad prevents the hard pellets from coming into direct contact with the bore.

2 1/2 oz. shot

Muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps

12 gauge steel

Shell thickness is 3-1/2 inches.

For increased density, use a high pellet count.

FLITECONTROL Flex® wads are effective in both ported and regular turkey chokes, resulting in close, accurate patterns.
Heavyweight TSS payload in a 5-round box with advanced buffering content

Buffering content is kept in place by a roll crimp and a clear card wad.

Detailed specifications

12 gauge/bore

The number of rounds is 5.

2-1/2 ounce shot

3-1/2 in. shell length

Size of the shots: 7 and 9

What’s Included in the Box

12 Gauge Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Shotshells

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