12 Gauge Federal Premium Black Cloud Shotshells


Federal Premium Black Cloud 12 Gauge Shotshells have rear-opening FLITECONTROL FLEXTM wads and 40 percent FLITESTOPPER® steel pellets and 60 percent Premium® steel payloads. When you’re out in the field, sealed crimps help keep moisture out.
Features and Advantages
The head is made of black nickel, which helps to prevent corrosion.

In severe conditions, a sealed crimp protects against moisture.

1 1/4 oz. shot

scale of two shots

12 gauge steel

Shell thickness is 3 inches.

opening from the back Via both ported and regular waterfowl chokes, the FLITECONTROL FLEXTM wad offers the tightest patterns possible.

For dense patterns and wide wound channels, use 40% FLITESTOPPER® steel pellets and 60% Premium® steel payload.
1450 muzzle velocity in a 25-round box

The lead-free primer CatalystTM and the clean-burning, temperature-stable propellant CatalystTM eliminate residue.

Detailed specifications

12 gauge/bore

Hunting – Duck/Goose Species

There are 25 rounds in all.

1-1/4 ounce shot

Steel shot is used in hunting.

3 in. shell length

Scale of shot: 2

What’s Included in the Box

12 Gauge Federal Premium Black Cloud Shotshells

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