CCI®.22 Rimfire 27-Grain Short CPHP Ammunition


With the CCI®, you will get rid of unwanted vermin. 22-grain CPHP Rimfire Ammunition, 27 grains. The bullets in this rimfire ammunition are copper-plated hollow-points with a velocity of 1,105 feet per second. Made in the United States of America.
Features and Advantages
a box of 100 rounds

Made in the United States of America.

caliber 22
27 grains of rice
Bullets with a copper plating and a hollow point
1,105 frames per second
Detailed specifications
Species: Hog/Predator – Hunting
There are 100 rounds total.
Weight of grain: 27
CCI® What’s in the Box
22-Grain CPHP Rimfire Ammunition (27-Grain)

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