36-Grain Rimfire Monarch.22 Long Rifle Ammunition


With the Monarch, you can hit your mark. Rifle, 22 caliber Rimfire ammunition with a grain weight of 36 grains. These are the. Brass casings are used on 22 caliber 36-grain hollow point projectiles, which have a 1,260 fps velocity, 24,000 psi energy, and 1.5 MOA accuracy at 100 yards. The box contains 500 rounds.
Features and Advantages
a shipment of 500 rounds

Casings made of brass.

caliber 22
Hollow point, 36 grains
At 100 yards, the accuracy is 1.5 MOA.
Specifications: 1,260 fps velocity, 24,000 psi energy
500 rounds are played.
Weight of grain: 36
What’s Included in the Box
Monarch is a type of monarchy.
Rifle, 22 caliber Rimfire 36-Grain Ammunition

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