.22 LR 36-Grain CPHP Rimfire Ammunition, Federal Premium BYOB


Federal Premium BYOB.22 LR 36-Grain CPHP Rimfire Ammunition is ideal for varmint hunting. There are 1,100 copper-plated hollow-point bullets in this bucket. Made in the United States of America.
Features and Advantages
Bucket of 1,100 rounds

Made in the United States of America.

36 grains 22 LR caliber
Built for varmint hunting
Bullets with a copper plating and a hollow point
Detailed specifications
The total number of rounds is 1100.
1 year manufacturer’s warranty (general)
What’s Included in the Box
BYOB Federal Premium
Rimfire Ammunition 22 LR 36-Grain CPHP

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