.30-06 Springfield Rifle, Thompson/Center COMPASS II Bolt-Action


The Thompson/Center COMPASS II Bolt-Action.30-06 was designed with precision in mind. A match-grade composite barrel with 5R rifling is used in the Springfield Rifle. This firearm has a 5+1 size, a flush fit rotary polymer magazine, and a 3-4 pound GENERATION II trigger.
Features and Advantages
Muzzle is threaded and has a three-lug bolt configuration.

5+1 round capacity, 3-4 pound GENERATION II trigger
5R rifling on a match-grade composite barrel.
Locked, load/unload, and fire positions are all available in the 3-position protection system.
Rustproof detachable, lightweight rotary polymer magazine
Detailed specifications
Hunting for What’s in the Box is a fun activity.
Center/Thompson COMPASS NO. 2 Springfield Rifle.30-06 Bolt-Action

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