.30-06 Springfield Bolt-Action Rifle Tikka T3x Hunter


The Tikka T3x Hunter.30-06 is a rifle made by Tikka. The fluted barrel of the Springfield Bolt-Action Rifle is complemented by a hand-cut crowned muzzle. This rifle has a wooden stock and is made of stainless steel. It also has a two-stage safety mechanism and an adjustable single-stage trigger.
Features and Advantages
Receiver made of stainless steel

Stock made of wood
Bolt action with a three-plus-one capacity
Hand-cut crowned muzzle on a stainless-steel barrel.
2-stage safety with adjustable single-stage trigger
Detailed specifications
Centerfire (type)
Bolt is the action.
6.8 pound product weight
42.5 in. product length

Hunting Style Magazine Capacity: 3+1
2.24E+1 in. barrel length

Twist rate: 1 in 11 inch
What’s Included in the Box
.30-06 Tikka T3x Hunter Springfield Bolt-Action Rifle is a bolt-action rifle designed by Springfield Armory.

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