12 Palma.308 Winchester/7.62 Savage Arms Bolt-Action NATO Rifle


The Savage Arms 12 Palma.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO Bolt-Action Rifle features a laminate stock, a 30-inch thick, free-floating barrel, and a stainless-steel receiver. There’s also an Accutrigger and a lever safety on this rifle.
Features and Advantages
Stock made of laminate

Accutrigger Bolt action with a stainless steel receiver and a 30-inch thick, free-floating barrel
Safety with a lever
Specifications for drilled/tapped holes
Centerfire (type)
Stainless steel is the metal finish.
Bolt is the action.
11.5 pound product weight
Type of product: Centerfir

Hunting style
30 in. barrel length
Twist rate: 1 in 13 inch

Caliber: 308 Winchester/7.62 NATO Stock: Laminate
What’s in the Box: 12 Palma Savage Arms
Rifle, 308 Winchester/7.62 NATO Bolt-Action

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