Smith and Wesson PC M&P9 Shield Plus 4IN Ported NTS 9MM with CT Red Dot


Features and Advantages
4 in PC Tuned Action Barrel Length

Slide with ready-made optics
Sights made of fiber optics.
The barrel and slide have been ported.
Reset the tactile and audible triggers
Fiber Optic Green Armornite® robust corrosion resistant finish on the front sight
Grip angle of 18 degrees is ideal for a natural point of aim.
Fiber Optic Red Specifications for the Rear Sight
Manual Security: No
What’s Included in the Box
Included is a CRIMSON TRACE® 4 MOA red dot sight.
Magazines for 13 and 10 rounds are included.
PC M&P9 Shield Plus 4IN Smith and Wesson CT Red Dot Performance Center® Branded Cleaning Kit for Ported NTS 9MM

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