Semiautomatic Striker Fired Pistol Stoeger STR-9 9 mm


The Stoeger STR-9 9 mm Semiautomatic Striker Fired Pistol has a slide serration and an articulated rail. This pistol has a synthetic finish and a 3-dot sight system as well as a reversible magazine release. This pistol is also equipped with a cable lock and an internal safety.
Features and Advantages
Serrations on the slides

Synthetic black finish
Action is semiautomatic and fired by a striker.
Rail Safety Integrated
Lock with a cable
Magazine release with reversible cover
Specifications for the 3-dot sight system
Ambidextrous is a term used to describe someone who is ambidextrous in both hands.
Striker has been shot.
Weight of the product: 24 oz.
Pistol is a type of firearm.

Caliber: 9mm Magazine capacity: 15 + 1 Barrel length (in.): 4.17

Form of Rifle Ammo: Centerfire
Cable lock is included in the box.

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