Semiautomatic Pistol Kimber Micro 9 9mm


The Kimber Micro 9 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol has a machined-aluminum frame, a stainless-steel, match-grade barrel, and a 2-tone finish. It has steel, low-profile dovetail front and rear sights. Grip made of rosewood. A flush-fitting 6-round magazine, a gun rug, and a cable lock are included.
Features and Advantages
A 6-round flush-fitting magazine, a gun rug, and a cable lock are included.

Magazine with a beveled edge well-made in the United States
Matte-finished stainless-steel slide
Frame is made of machined aluminum with a nonreflective anodized coating.
Single action semiautomatic with a 6-round range

Match-grade stainless steel barrel
Front and rear steel dovetail sights with a low profile
Safeties for the thumb and firing-pin block

grips made of rosewood
Trigger with a single action
Specifications for a flared and lowered ejection port
1 year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
Single action
Product weight: 15.6 oz. Metal finish: 2-tone KimPro II
Yes, there is manual safety.
3.15 in. barrel length
Rosewood grip
1 year labor warranty from the manufacturer

6.1 in. product length
Low-profile dovetail front sight Style: Pistol

Volume of magazine: 6
1 year manufacturer’s warranty (general)
Low-profile dovetail for the rear sight
9mm Rifle Caliber Centerfire ammo is the most common type of ammunition.
What’s Included in the Box
Lock with a cable
magazine of 6 rounds
Semiautomatic Pistol Kimber Micro 9 9mm
Gun rug owner’s manual

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