Semiautomatic GLOCK G23 GEN5 Centerfire Pistol in.40 S&W


Equip yourself with the GLOCK G23 GEN5 Semiautomatic.40 S&W Centerfire Pistol’s accuracy. This weapon has a silicone grip and a 4.02-inch barrel length. The gun weighs 26.67 ounces and has a semiautomatic action with a 13-round magazine.
Features and Advantages
Grip made of polymer

magazine with a total of 13 rounds
Action that is semiautomated
Barrel size: 4.02-inch
Weight: 26.67 ounces
The ability to use both hands at the same time is known as ambidextrousness
Detailed specifications
a guide No, it is not secure.
What’s Included in the Box
Semiautomatic GLOCK G23 GEN5
Pistol in the caliber of 40 S&W

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