Semiautomatic GLOCK G22 GEN5 Centerfire Pistol in.40 S&W


Equip yourself with the GLOCK G22 GEN5 Semiautomatic.40 S&W Centerfire Pistol’s accuracy. This weapon has a silicone grip and a 4.49-inch barrel length. The gun weighs 28.43 ounces and has a semiautomatic action with a 15-round magazine.
Features and Advantages
Grip made of polymer

Magazine capacity of 15 rounds
Action that is semiautomated
The ability to use both hands at the same time is known as ambidextrousness
Barrel length: 4.49″
Weight: 28.43 ounces
Detailed specifications
Manual Security: No
What’s Included in the Box
Semiautomatic GLOCK G22 GEN5
Pistol in the caliber of 40 S&W

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