Ruger Charger TakeDown Rimfire Pistol in.22 LR


The Ruger Charger TakeDown.22 LR Rimfire Pistol is a 15+1 size semiautomatic single-action pistol with a 10-inch threaded barrel. A polymer stock is also included with the weapon.
Features and Advantages
Stock made of polymer

Single-action semiautomatic with a 15+1 capacity and a 10-inch threaded barrel.
Detailed specifications
Ambidextrous is a term used to describe someone who is ambidextrous in both hands.
Single action
Polymer grip
3.13 pound product weight
Yes, there is manual safety.
19 in. product length
Rimfire Pistol (style) Magazine capacity: 15+1
10 in. barrel length
Twist rate: 1 in16 inch
.22 Long Rifle
Rimfire ammunition for rifles
What’s Included in the Box
Picatinny Rail Brace Mount with QD Cup Ruger Charger TakeDown Tensioned BBL in alloy sleeve

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