M&P 9 Shield 9mm Handgun, Smith & Wesson Performance Center


The M&P 9 Shield 9mm Handgun from Smith & Wesson Performance Center is an internal hammer-fired action pistol with an 8+1 size. The Performance Center lightweight trigger has a tactile and audible trigger reset, and the Performance Center ported barrel eliminates muzzle flip. When the chamber is filled, the integrated TLCI alerts you, and the lightening cuts in the slide help you save weight.
Features and Advantages
Armornite® is a corrosion-resistant finish that is long-lasting.

The slide has lightening cuts that help it to be lighter. It also has a polymer grip.
Muzzle flip is reduced by an internal hammer-fired action with an 8 + 1 capacity PC ported barrel.
Thumb protection by hand


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