9mm Compact 15-Round Pistol Glock G19 Gen3


The 15-round magazine size and hexagonal barrel rifling distinguish the Glock G19 Gen3 9MM Compact 15-Round Pistol. The compact size and light weight of this gun, which measures only 6.85″ in length and weighs only 29.98 oz. when loaded, make it suitable for concealed carry. There are two magazines included.
Features and Advantages
Hexagonal barrel rifling on the right.

The gun’s small size makes it ideal for concealed carry.
The 15-round magazine capacity allows for fast and efficient shooting.
Barrel length: 4.02″
3rd Generation
2 magazines are included.
6.85″ long, 20.99 ounces unloaded, 29.98 ounces loaded

Detailed specifications
1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts
5.5 lb. trigger pull

Double action
Unloaded weight: 20.99 oz; loaded weight: 29.98 oz
4.02 in. barrel length
Polymer grip
1-year labor warranty from the manufacturer
6.85 in. product duration
Manufacturer warranty – general: 1 year warranty Style: Pistol Magazine capacity: 15 Manufacturer warranty – specific: 1 year warranty
Twist rate: 9.84 in.
9mm caliber
Form of Rifle Ammo: Centerfire

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