1911 Kimber Custom II.45 ACP Pistol


The Kimber Custom II 1911.45 ACP Pistol is an 8-round single-action pistol with a Hogue rubber grip and a match-grade trigger. This gun has a 5-inch stainless steel barrel, as well as thumb and grip safeties and a beveled magazine well.
Features and Advantages
Rubber grip by Hogue

Activate with match-grade quality
With an 8-round capacity, it’s a single action.
5-inch stainless-steel barrel with oxide finish
Made in the United States of America
The ejection port has been flared and lowered.
Rear sight with white dots
Safeties for the thumb and grip
magazine well with beveled edges

Detailed specifications
Action: single Trigger pull (lb.): 5

Oxide finish on metal
Weight of the product: 38 oz.
5 in. barrel length
Rubber grip by Hogue
8.7 in. product length
Pistol in style, with an 8-magazine size.
Twist rate: 1 in 16 inch LH
Steel white dot in the rear sight
.45 ACP is the caliber of the gun.
Form of Rifle Ammo: Centerfire
What’s included in the box: a safety lock
In a nutshell,
Owner’s manual for the Kimber Custom II 1911.45 ACP Pistol

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