Silvertip.38 Special 110-Grain Ammunition by Winchester


With the Winchester Silvertip.38 Special 110-Grain Ammunition, you can defend your home. The hollow-point design increases stopping power, while the designed jacket profile ensures consistent expansion, precision, and reliability. The grain weight is 110. Box of 20 rounds. Made in the United States of America.
Features and Advantages
a box of 20 rounds

Made in the United States of America.

110-grain weight 38 Special caliber
The hollow-point nature provides more stopping power.
Engineered jacket profile ensures uniform expansion, accurate precision, and efficient operation.
Detailed specifications
Caliber:.38 Special Grain weight: 110
What’s Included in the Box
Winchester is a town in the United Kingdom. 110-Grain Silvertip.38 Special Ammunition

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