Ammunition for the Buffalo Bore.38 S&W 125-Grain Hard-Cast Flat-Nose Centerfire Handgun


Load the Buffalo Bore into your weapon. The 38 S&W 125-Grain Hard-Cast Flat-Nose Centerfire Handgun Ammunition has a flat nose for optimum penetration and flash-suppressed powder to keep your eyes protected. Box of 20 rounds.
Features and Advantages
a box of 20 rounds

The flat-nose design prevents deformation during impact, allowing for maximum penetration.

Caliber 38 S&W
125 grains of rice
1,050 frames per second muzzle energy: 306 ft.-lb. muzzle velocity: 306 ft.-lb.
In low light, flash-suppressed powder protects the eyes.
Suitable for most solid-frame revolvers
Detailed specifications
Home Defense Pistol Ammunition
There are 20 rounds total.
125 g/kg grain weight
.38 S&W caliber
Buffalo Bore: What’s in the Box
Hard-Cast 38 S&W 125-Grain

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