Great Plains Lyman Rifle


Great Plains Lyman Rifle with 50 Sidelock Muzzleloaders


Great Plains Lyman Rifle. Buy Rifles/Ammo Online.

The Lyman Great Plains is equipped with a #11 percussion ignition system. A 32-inch blued barrel, a hardwood stock, and double-set triggers distinguish the 50 Sidelock Muzzleloader Rifle. Sights that can be adjusted Lock with a coil spring.
Features and Advantages
The barrel is 32 inches long and has a blued finish.

Stock made of hardwood
Pick patched ball and hunting loads are compatible.
#11 percussion caps are used.
A clean-out pin, a separate ramrod thimble, and a nose cap are all included in a Hawken-style percussion snail.
Spring coil lock
Sights that can be adjusted
Triggers with two settings
What’s Included in the Box
Lyman is a character in the film Lyman The Great Plains are a region in North America. Sidelock (50) Rifle with a Muzzleloader

Great Plains Lyman Rifle. Buy Rifles/Ammo Online

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