Companion.22 Magnum Black Powder Revolver from North American Arms


The North American Arms Companion.22 Magnum Black Powder Revolver has a 5-shot length, a 1.6-inch stainless-steel barrel, a fixed sight, and a wooden grip. FFFFH or Pyrodex powders, as well as cap and ball ammunition, are compatible with this revolver.
Features and Advantages
Stainless-steel finish on the 1.6-inch barrel

Grip made of wood
Accepts FFFFH or Pyrodex powder in addition to.
Cap and ball bullets in 22 caliber
#11 percussion caps are used.
Fixed vision
Capacity: 5 shots
What’s Included in the Box
Fixed vision
The North American Arms Companion is a book on firearms in North America.
Revolver with 22 Magnum Black Powder

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