.50 Muzzleloader Thompson/Center Effect


A 26″ blued barrel and a composite stock with a 1″ adjustable buttstock are featured on the Thompson/Center Impact.50 Muzzleloader. The break-open hood configuration allows for right- or left-handed opening, and the reversible triple lead thread breech plug accepts 209 primers. Swivel studs for slings.
Features and Advantages
26 “barrels that have been blued

Stock that is made up of many different components.

caliber 50
The breech plug is removable and accepts 209 primers.
studs for sling swivels
Right- or left-handed opening with a break-open hood style
Sights made of fiber optics
a “Buttstock can be adjusted.

Detailed specifications
Handicaps: The ability to use both hands
Inline form

6.5 pound product weight
Inline product form
41.5 in. product length
209 primer Ignition system
26 in. barrel length
General manufacturer’s warranty: It’s just for a short time.
1:28 twisting rate
Stock: Combination
.50 caliber
Thompson/Center Impact.50 Muzzleloader What’s in the Box


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